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BP-500 is an high performance box PC that is designed with high flexibility and scalability. BP-500 POS features options of an Intel® Celeron®, Core i3 or i5 processor. This point of sale hardware is ideal for retail applications to optimize store operations. In addition, the rich I/O interface gives the terminal high expandability allowing it to grow with its environment.

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Supports Intel® vPro Technology

Intel vPro is the combination of processor technologies, hardware enhancements, management features and security technologies that allows remote access to the PC (including monitoring, maintenance, and management) independent of the state of the operating system or power state of the PC.

One-step Quick Replacement of Key Components for Easy Upgrades

Hardware platform can be easily upgraded by swapping out key components such as motherboard and HDD

Flexible I/O Connectivity for Various Peripherals

With two I/O panels (1st Standard, 2nd Optional),there are at least 3 options of interchangeable extended I/O panels that can be selected and replaced by system integrators.